The Homeowner’s Associations

Park Place is presently represented by four homeowner’s associations:

  • Mandolin Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • Windsor Place Property Owners Association, Inc.
  • Highland Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.
  • Townhomes of Highland Park Association, Inc.

windsor_place_20110218_1524589993-250x187Each of these entities is responsible for the consistency of residential property aesthetics, as governed by the adopted by-laws of the community, as governed by the adopted by-laws. The services provided are:

  • Administrative
  • Financial
  • Architectural reviews
  • Enforcement activities
  • Legal
  • Insurance provision

Mandolin and Windsor Place are managed by Melrose Management.

Highland Park associations are managed by Greenacre Properties, Inc.

Representatives for each of the independent Homeowner’s Associations within the Park Place CDD can be reached by contacting the respective management company.